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Roger Mugisha back to love doctor?

His claim to fame? Shadow’s Angels. And then the Lord Jesus himself appeared to him and he, just like the Biblical Saul who converted to Paul, the former radio presenter denounced the devil and for a short period turned pastor. But when recently the celebrated radio presenter ended his radio job at KFM, most people were wondering about what he was cooking only for him to resurrect on our TV screens as Salvador aka Sava in Second Chance Uganda series. Quite a career, huh? But Roger is not done yet, no. He has now become an advisor on relationships! A little bit in a different way from his former love doctor tales though. In a recent Facebook post, he promised to share what he termed the #5pillars women must look out for to know whether a man will commit to them. “In the next couple of days, I am going to share with you secrets about men that most of you ladies didn’t know. Like; How do you get a man to commit? Why would a man cheat? I will still keep my memes. Men are not as complicated when you get to understand our 5 pillars. I speak from a lot of experience…” the post read. And when you read the 5 pillars, you agree that Roger is writing from ‘a lot of experience’ indeed!

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