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Pictures: Miss Tourism has a ball with UWEC’s animals

During a visit to Uganda Wildlife and Education Centre, in Entebbe on Wednesday April 4th,  Miss Tourism Uganda – Eildad Odongkara got to take some awesome shots with nature. She “spread her wings” with the birds and raised her neck with the giraffes. She basically got to feed and meet the animals in person.

Do not be deceived by these seemingly gentle giants. They might look peaceful but there is a reason for that gate and padlock.

She has a lovely smile on but we are not so sure the thoughts going through her mind.

Miss Tourism spreads her wings like Crested Crane

Graceful and elegant. Yes, we are talking about the kob. And Eildad of course.

Girl, you might be pretty but you ain’t got nothing on me with this height.

Eildad was probably praying that the shoebill stork would not poke her head with its tough looking beak.

Catch me if you can, the calf dares Miss Tourism.

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