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Morgan Heritage bring reggae vibes to Uganda


One could say that the Morgan Heritage show that was held last Thursday was successful and one of the best this year, so far.

The band, who were here for the very first time proved that reggae was what they were born for by entertaining the thousands who couldn’t miss this once-in-a life time opportunity.

The venue (Cricket Oval) was open by 4pm but few people made their way there probably because it was announced that no curtain raisers were to step on stage and that Morgan Heritage would be on by 10pm. However by 9pm, the numbers had increased, and they were dancing to only reggae vibes different deejays like Nimrod, Selector Jay and Shiru were playing.

PICTURES: Morgan Heritage put up show to remember

Juliana Kanyomozi was the first act to step on stage but her performance was not very well received, probably because the kind of music she does, RnB, differed from what the crowd was enjoying.

Then came Vampino with the Party Pipo dancers. These ones you could say impressed. Their dance moves interested many to dance along and sing to the songs like ‘‘Smart wire” and “A wah do dem”.

Before the band, Jemere Morgan, son to Gramps Morgan was the first to step on stage. His charming looks and great voice kept the ladies screaming on top of their voices for the 20 minutes he was on. He did some of his famous songs such as “International Love” and “Try jah love” which he did with his father among others.

The moment everyone was waiting for came at 10.20pm. Emerging from a dimly lit backstage, Peetah Morgan emerged. The screams this time were more and from both women and men. He put on a warm smile before proceeding to the front of the stage while his brothers Gramps, Nakamyah and Mojo took their positions on different instruments.

The band started with “Strictly Roots”, following it up with “Tell me how come”, “Don’t haffi dreads”, “A man is still a man”, “Protect us Jah” and “Reggae Night” among others. Each member would come to the fore and exhibit his vocals. Their movement and coordination looked like it was from a script and when they were done five minutes after midnight, everyone went home contented.

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