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Four One One

Mega Dee graduates in medicine, gets a job in US hospital

Mega Dee with his fiancée.

Singer Mega Dee real names Amos Kigenyi recently graduated with a degree in Medicine from the U.S. Dorcus Murungi caught with him and asked him what he is up to.

Congratulations upon your graduation.

Oh! Thank you.

Which course did you pursue?

I did cardiovascular diagnostic medicine.

It sounds complex, what does it exactly mean?

It is the diagnostics for adults and paediatric echocardiography. It is something to deal with diagnosis of the heart disorders.

Was it a degree or a diploma?

It is a degree.

Which institution did you go to?

I did my course from Kaplan University in the US.

Why did you pursue that course?

Medical courses are the best for employment in the United States and I’m here to chase my American dream, you can become what you choose to and I’m an example.

Why did you specifically choose that course?

I did the course because I could afford it and I also knew that I have the abilities to pass it. Also, it is a course that has good opportunities and I figured out that it can make my future bright.

What were some of the things you found hard to do in school?

Medical education is not easy, and I can boldly tell you that not everyone can afford it, for it is hard and it requires intensive concentration. But I’m proud to say that however tough it was, I managed to overcome all the challenges.

What were some of the interesting things you learnt?

One of the most interesting things I have attained is seeing myself help people with my professional skills that I have acquired. This is a dream come true and I find it interesting.

 How long did it take you?

It took me three years.

Did you have a sponsor?

No I sponsored myself.

Now that you are done with your studies are you coming back to Uganda?

Not soon but I will think about it, as for now, it is about me and my family’s future that I’m thinking about.

Are you going to continue with your music or you will concentrate on your career?

I’m still singing of course, I live in Hollywood and I am Mr Hollywood. I have six songs out on my YouTube channel at General Mega Dee TV and I have two videos out. I have not yet promoted them in Kampala but they are popular this side. Music is my relaxation job after a hectic day from hospital work.

What message do you have for the Ugandan musicians who are not educated?

Doing music as a job is okay but every musician should have a fallback plan in case things don’t work out well. I have done exactly what should inspire them; however choice is an independent decision.

Rumor has it that you have a girlfriend that side, is it true?

Yes, I have a fiancée and it is not a rumour, but any way it is the Ugandan way of asking.

Is she Ugandan?

Yes my girlfriend is Ugandan, though this was not supposed to be part of the interview.

Are you currently working, if so which hospital are you working in?

Yes, I got hired on my graduation day at City of Hope Hospital in California.

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