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Ivan Ssemwanga and Cheune show their philanthropic heart

Rich Gang members Ivan Ssemwanga and Cheune give to the needy. Photos by Michael Kakumirizi

To be honest, we have previously doubted Ivan Ssemwanga and Cheune’s involvement with charity. They have always insisted that they do charity work and although we have been skeptical, yesterday, the two walked the talk.
The two Rich Gang members decided to give back from their earnings to a charity home M-Lisada in Nsambya, Kevina.
The two who are based in South Africa drove to the charity home and donated food stuffs including sacks of rice and sugar, as well as soap, soda and bread.

Ivan Ssemwanga and Cheune give to a charity home M-Lisada in Nsambya, Kevina

They were welcomed by over 50 children who also recited poems for them, did acrobatics, sang and also asked a few questions of how they have been able to be successful in life.
One of the questions asked was if Ivan made the surprise visit to the charity home for publicity purposes or if he was genuinely concerned about them. Zari’s former fiancée replied: “What you don’t know is that I was pretty much in the same situation as you. I lost my father when in primary seven and my mother while I was in Senior four. I will never donate to be recognised,” he said.
Ssemwanga and Cheune couldn’t leave without dishing out some money so they also gave the children dimes which they said was to them run their day-to-day lives.

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