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I want to die at 82- Judith Babirye

Judith Babirye

In one of his songs, Bobi Wine said many people want to go to heaven but only a few are willing to die. But it seems gospel singer and politician Judith Babirye is not one of the cowards.
During a photoshoot last week with artistes set to perform at her concert, Babirye made a statement that amused all present.
Being a born again, the legislator asked to pray for the people who had graced the photoshoot before they departed.
During the prayer, Babirye prayed for everyone not to die soon and that God should at least grant them 100 years.
“I pray that God keeps all of you up to when you make 100 years, apart from me,” the singer said, adding that she wants to die at 82 years because by the time she turns 100 years, she will be useless and doesn’t want to see herself in that state.
Babirye is known for songs such as Ndi Survivor, Beera Nange, Olugendo, and others. She was last seen in concert in 2015 which was unfortunately poorly attended.
And as if to prove to us that politics did not drive her away from her passion, the singer will hold a comeback concert at Serena on May 12.

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