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Helen Lukoma embarrasses self on stage

During last week’s fourth edition of Zzina Awards, Helen Lukoma turned many heads. And as usual, it was because of her skimpy dressing. Her confidence however flew out of the window when she came on stage to present an award. As she strutted on, the cheers came roaring and heckling, but sadly, probably because of the overwhelming attention, the socialite and occasional singer tripped and almost broke her ankles. She was only saved by the microphone stand, which she held to avoid falling face down.

Helen Lukoma

Helen Lukoma

And instead of rushing to help the ‘lady’, the excited male audience just shouted in their seats while others just held hands to their faces.
But trust the pencil-thin Lukoma to just laugh it off and continue with what had brought her to the stage. And this time as she walked off stage, she carefully watched every step that she took to her seat.

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