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Frank Gashumba and Balaam fail the Maddox’ test

Frank Gashumba and Balaam

Frank Gashumba and music promoter Balaam have proved to us that music is one area they are so conversant with. Gashumba, for starters has always commented on issues of music as well as chilling with almost all top musicians while Balaam on the other hand has promoted musicians for a very long time.
However, chilling with and promoting musicians does not necessarily mean that one can actually sing beyond their bathrooms. This is exactly what happened last Friday during Maddox Ssematimba’s ‘Return of the Champion’ concert at Imperial Royale Hotel.
Mid way his performance of crowd favourite Namagembe, Maddox invited the two men, along with Geosteady and Rema on stage. Rema and Geosteady did enough to prove that they are the next big thing but the drama was caused by Balaam and Gashumba. The two, not only stumbled but murdered the song to the extent that Maddox almost disowned it. Balaam sounded like a dying horse as he pranced about the stage repeatedly singing the same line: Namagembe Oliwa?
Gashumba? Well, the vocal government critic shied away after seeing Balaam’s performance. He requested for a tambourine, which he also shook off beat.
Here is some advice gentlemen: Gashumba, stick to critiquing the government and Balaam, concentrate on events management.

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