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Agartha Loswash fights for food

Agartha Loswash

There are a million and one things we can write about ‘the story of Agartha Loswash’ from the just-concluded Morgan Heritage show. Let’s start with the fact that the NBS TV presenter was one of the guests who secured herself a VVIP invitation and was therefore entitled to a reserved table with all tribes of drinks. And by the time the first performer went on stage, Loswash was visibly intoxicated. That is when the ‘real’ Loswash came alive. First, she walked from table to table asking other guests whether they still had drinks because her free bottle of Singleton had been emptied. She then heavily insulted a man who accidentally picked up her almost-empty tumbler of beer and drank from it. Even after apologising and offering to buy the curvy presenter another beer, she called a policeman and ordered that the man be removed from ‘my table.’ The Loswash show was not yet complete. She kept dipping her fingers in food carried by waitresses to other guests. When the waitresses decided to dodge her, she shouted louder than the speakers that ‘as sponsors’, she is entitled to all the food’. “Bring more food or else we pull the plug on sponsoring any other event,” she warned. In the ensuing food commotion, she lost her phone and wailed like a child who had been denied the last drop of a soda. Oh, did we tell you she is the journalist that asked the band upon arrival – not once, not twice, not thrice but more than six times – what Ugandans should expect from them? Well that’s a story for another day.

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