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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Acute Angle

The acute angle: Ghetto Kids doing us proud

Do y’all remember The Ghetto Kids aka The Triplets? Those bunch of children that featured as dancers in Eddy Kenzo’s Sitya Loss video? They have been making moves since then yo. I recently chanced on French Montana’s video for the new song called Unforgettable featuring Swae LEE one half of the Rae Sremmurd rap duo and guess who I see? The Ghetto Kids. Mehnnnn! You guys can’t imagine the pride I felt. We are talking about an American elite rapper signed to Bad Boy Entertainment getting so intrigued by these children that he had them feature prominently in his video. Crazy! Right?
What I find more fascinating is French Montana and Swae Lee actually coming down to Kampala to shoot the video. Their initiative, their project at their cost. Reports were rife that French Montana’s video director tipped him about the children’s brilliance by showing him one of their videos and without hesitation, Montana was in. Ever since the video was shot, French Montana has been moving around media houses confessing his admiration for the dance wizards and admitting to have drawn a lot of inspiration from his trip down to Kampala. Knowing how misinformed many Americans are about Africa, this was a bit of a relief. Those guys think Africa is one big slum and you guessed right, the Unforgettable video is in a slum setting. I am happy at least one of their own didn’t shy away and actually came down here to see for himself. I will rant about this another time. I will revel in the Ghetto Kids’ moments of fame, whether the video was done in a ghetto or not. Probably the Ghetto Kids are well suited for ghetto vids. I don’t know. But mehn, they gave their all. Not at any moment did they show they were star-struck. The kids delivered and if you have watched the video on Youtube, the positive reviews have been pouring in.
I must say I thought The Ghetto Kids aka The Triplets were just a wave that would die out soon with Sitya Loss’ popularity dwindling but I was wrong. They have built a large following online, especially on YouTube with their sleek dancing. And in a country where bad news is the norm, it brings me joy to say Kudos to the kids. With more international celebrities taking interest in the talent Uganda, the world might just take notice of all the amazing things our country has to offer.

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