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The dvd: Eagle Eye

At one point, Jerry (Shia LaBeouf) was a broke guy struggling to make ends meet and constantly having to sneak into his house so that his landlord does not go to him demanding for rent. He is unambitious and considered the loser of the family, who will not accept to be helped. Then one day, he finds his bank account credited with lots of money whose source he is not aware of. And when he returns in his room, it is filled with all kinds of state of the Art weapons. At the peak of his confusion, he receives a phone call from a woman telling him he has been activated and should be on the run from the police.
Rachel (Michelle Monaghan) on the other hand is a mother in the middle of a bad breakdown. All she is living for at the moment is her son. And since she is the only one meeting her bills, she is forced to work long hours and is totally stressed out. Once when she manages to take a break, she gets a call from a woman telling her to drop everything she is doing and follow her instructions.
Because of that mysterious call from the same woman, the two strangers are thrown together to execute something they know is much bigger than them but they have no clue about its impact and what exactly it is. It is a highly-intriguing watch that all lovers of thrillers will enjoy.

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