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Katonene bags 160m CMVA cash

For all you who were mocking the Club video awards, see who is laughing last now. Word at our desk is that Peter Katonene, the organiser of the awards is smiling all the way to the bank . The CEO of Urbane Ltd seemed not to have been moved and scared by the prior negative vibe that surrounded the CMVAs and actually went on and held the awards even after the big artistes pulled out. Dude must have smelt the Shs160m he was paid from afar. The CMVAs, which happened a week ago, got critics hiding under their desks because apart from the event selling out, there was good production in terms of stage and lighting, thanks to Fenon Events.
However, when we contacted Katonene to send the screenshots of his Shs160m cheque so we can congratulate him properly, he was hesitant and said he was paid in appreciation of the good work.

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