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Ziza Bafana and Bebe Cool cross paths

Ziza Bafana

For so long, Ziza Bafana has been throwing jibes at Bebe Cool, saying he does not know how to sing, how his eldest son is behind penning some of the songs he prides himself in and how they should battle it out for supremacy. But in music, there will always be a time for crossing paths and on Monday, Ziza Bafana and Bebe Cool came face to face and just when everyone expected blows to fly in the air, there was only truce. Was it because the project they are working on involves a corporate company? The two musicians along with Sheebah are involved in an endorsement deal that will see each bagging about Shs10m. What this means to the music industry is that if artistes who have had some kind of beef can work together on a project, then we have hope of a united industry.

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