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Is Hellen Lukoma and Leila Kayondo done?

Not so long ago, we wrote a story on celebrity best friends and on the list we could not miss mentioning Hellen Lukoma and Leila Kayondo. Everyone in the city must know how close these two are because they always hanged out together, took numerous selfies together and tagged each other in their posts. The two were inseparable to a point that SK Mbuga at the time he was dating Leila, told her to choose between him or Hellen. And don’t we always stick to our friends? And although Hellen told us their friendship would never end, it seems like things are a little different in friendville.

Helen Lukoma

Helen Lukoma

What we know for a fact is that they do not hang out together anymore, they have not shared selfies together anymore and none of them has tagged the other in their latest posts. Could Hellen’s current busy self (role in the Honourables, playing vixen and other deals) be taking a toll on their friendship? Leila has been out of town and posting photos in Disneyland, but at the recent Roast and Rhyme, we saw her solo. We can’t say if they are over for good, but a source close to the two said they are currently not on talking terms. Considering none has deleted their photos together, it could be just normal girl catfight stuff.

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