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‘I’m the only TV presenter with a Lexus’

TV BIZ: Miles Rwamiti is a famous TV presenter, working with Spark TV. He says he is behind all the many firsts in the TV business as he brags to his fan Athen.

What kind of person are you?
I am a very hardworking, business-minded man, very good at time keeping and a straight talker.

Where does Miles Rwamiti come from?
I come from Hoima District, Bulindi Village but I grew up in Masaka because my mother used to work in a cooperative union there. So, I spent my childhood in two places.

When did you come to Kampala?
I came to Kampala for university. I attended Makerere University and graduated with a Bachelors in Mass Communication in 2011. I am currently doing a Masters in the same course.

Before Makerere, which schools did you attend?
I went to Kitovu Secondary School and Aga Khan Secondary School in Masaka. I did my primary at Kitovu Primary and Baptist Primary School.

How did your media journey start?
My late father, Atwooki Rwamiti, was a very learned man. He used to buy newspapers everyday and after reading it, I would grab it and also read some interesting pieces written by Timothy Bukumunhe, Dennis Jjuko and others. Besides just writing, Timothy also had a show on Capital FM. I wanted to write like those guys.

Timothy was most known for his writing, yet you are prominent on TV. Why didn’t you follow a writing career?
My friend, I am a good writer. I exercised my writing skills at some newspaper longtime ago. I used to contribute to many segments but because of the transition that happened there which saw a new radio station starting, I was asked to start presenting. I joined Capital FM where I hosted entertainment news, then moved to WBS TV as a ghost presenter for the gossip segment with Straka.

How different are you from other presenters?
I do things differently. I have been a pioneer on different segments. I initiated the idea of DJs doing their thing on set, I’m the only presenter in Uganda who drives a Lexus, I started the idea of airing live shows in different places like clubs, streets and even abroad. I am the first Ugandan TV personality to have presented a programme live abroad. I did it in Denmark, Amsterdam, Sweden, South Africa, among other places.
How did you get to NTV?
Contrary to rumours that I had quit because of money or that I was fired, I left the previous station I worked for on good terms. I was looking for a new opportunity. NTV approached me three different times so joining it was not a mistake. By the time I joined, I was the number one TV personality and I wanted to keep my brand up there.

Besides presenting on Spark TV, what else do you do?
I produce a show called Cheza. I am the music scheduler at Spark TV as well as the Lifestyle producer.

What does your ‘Koona’ programme entail?
It is informative, entertaining and also looks at other aspects of life for example how to save, counsel the young generation and other issues.

2016 was a political year and you were among the people who wanted to stand for mayor. Where did that dream come from?
Like I said, I am different. I want to do things that no other person has done and trust me, I will still stand in the next elections for that same spot. I have to be a mayor of Kampala in 2020. I will be Kampala’s first mayor from western Uganda.

Which TV presenter do you look at and feel proud?
Most of them are mediocres but Douglas Lwanga and Mc Kats are really good, although they need to up their game because they cannot be doing the same things everyday.

For the years you have been on TV, what interview will you never forget?
I have had so many interviews with local, international and regional celebrities but two stand out; The day G-Snake came on set with a snake. I wanted the ground to swallow me because I was so afraid. I looked for where to run but couldn’t because the doors were locked. I have never been so afraid in my life.
Then the day I interviewed Nabi Omukazi at Bukedde TV. There is a way she played on our minds that she had different feet. I wanted to prove it but her confidence in daring me scared me so much.

Besides being interested in politics and being a presenter, what else are you doing?
I have a very strong sound system, I am into real estates and I am also a small scale farmer.

Are you married?
Yes. I am married to Hawa Mbabazi Ramadhan and we are blessed with two children.

What do you want your children to be when they grow up?
I want them to be footballers. I grew up wanting to be one but I failed to represent my country. So what I couldn’t do, my children will.

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