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Hugh Masekela bounces bouncers

Hugh Masekela

A few weeks from now, Hugh Masekela will be turning 78 years old but last Sunday evening during a concert to fundraise for the new blood bank at Mengo Hospital and completion of the new trauma Rotary Hospital in Mukono, the jazz maestro proved that age comes with authority.
The South African legend who performed alongside Isaiah Katumwa at Kampala Serena Hotel had to have tight security at the show, but looks like the mean-looking guys did it a little too much.
The bouncers stood in all corners of the hall and below the stage and they barred cameramen from taking pictures of everything that was happening on stage.
This irritated Masekela, who paused his performance for a few minutes to tell off the bouncers and asked them to vacate the area and allow the camera guys do their job.
This gesture was welcomed by the audience who applauded the musician. Way to go!

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