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Ben Mwine denies quitting KFM

A few weeks back, we received information that Ben Mwine had thrown in the towel at KFM for another job at the new Kwese sports TV which bought off WBS TV.
He’s now the general manager at Kwese Free Sports (KFS) Uganda but confirmed to us that he was neither fired nor did he throw in the towel at the Namuwongo based station.
“I didn’t leave KFM, I’m still doing VPN on Saturday. My responsibilities at KFS are intense and make it difficult for me to wake up that early every morning,” he said.
Besides that, Ben also talked to us regarding matters to do with rumours that circulated about NBS snatching Kwese presenters. He disregarded the rumours saying that only one presenter Isa Kiragga alias Bikukujju has left but the others like news anchor Daniel Lutaaya, Patrick Kanyomozi and Ruben Luyombo are still with them.
“It’s only Bikukujju who has left and it’s because he wasn’t comfortable with the new format. The others that were mentioned are still with us in the meantime even as we restructure. I don’t entertain rumours so that really doesn’t matter to me, what matters is that they are false. All the facts in the story were inaccurate,” he said.
He also stated that Kwese Free Sports TV is not WBS like it has been claimed.

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