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Hustler: Eddie Makobore

THINKING TECH: The fact that there is always too much going on that people know less about, is what inspired Eddie Makobore to start up a proggie App. He shares his beginning and what he hopes for the project.
What is the name of your App?
It is called ‘Whatson’. Whoever is looking for hangout plot, conferences or anything of the sort, you just have to download the app, and the good thing about it is that for now you can download it for free on Google Play.

What inspired you to start up this App?
I realised that there was a lot happening around Uganda but people never know. There is a lot that happens in bars, at conferences, concerts and people would really want to know what’s up. I wanted to create something that is just a click away.

What areas is this App focusing on?
We will be involved in all fields, such as Agriculture, conferences, trainings, dairy, events, trade shows, cinema, theatre, among others. We are looking at 10 categories at least.

People do not seem to know about this App. What are you doing to get it into people’s faces?
Being a new App, it is understandable that few people know about it, but we are working hard to make it known not only in Kampala but to the rest of Uganda. We are soon going to launch it officially. The people I am working with are experienced in different fields. We are going to be aggressive on social media, basing on the fact that the world is digital now, we are going to put up banners on Facebook, create WhastApp groups and other ways.

How many people are you working with?
We are four guys. We have a software developer, a technical guy and support stuff.

How will you share the profits?
For now, it is more of voluntary work. Each of us has other things we do besides the App business.

How do you hope to benefit from this business?
For now, we are looking at driving traffic and once we have done that, judging from the response of the people, then we can start interesting companies to give us some money to advertise.

What challenges are you facing?
Mainly financial. Being a new thing, we have to dig deep into our pockets from our other investments to run this App.

Where do you expect to be in a years’ time?
We want our App to be a one-stop centre for all happening proggie. We want it to be famous among tourists, teachers, corporates and others who are looking for where to hang out.

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