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Hustler : Benny Moses Kavuma

Benny Kavuma

STYLING YOU: His aim after A-Level was a government scholarship for university, but sadly it did not come his way. So in 2015 Benny Kavuma took up a job offer from his friend, which inspired his business. Now he is saving up for university.

What is the name of your business?
Moxy Fashion Collections. It is a boutique that sells both women and men’s wear.

How did you start?
I was supposed to join university in 2015, but I was unfortunate not to get government sponsorship and I did not have funds to pay for myself. So a friend who was selling clothes in Park Yard market called me to work for him. I saved the money I was earning to start up my business.

What inspired you?
When I missed government sponsorship, I felt so bad so I decided to start up a business that would help me get some money that I would use one day to sponsor myself and attain a bachelor’s degree.

How much do you earn per month from this business?
It depends on the season, although in a bad season, I do not fail to earn Shs600,000 a month.

Which challenges have you faced so far?
Some seasons are really bad. There will be no clients yet you have to pay rent as well as sustain yourself.

Do you have any achievements so far?
I have saved some money and recorded four audio songs and a video. I am also saving so that I can go study any course at university.

What advice do you give someone who wants to start up a similar business?
You need to give your customers quality items such that they gain trust in you. It is also important to bring clothes that are trendy.

Where is your business located?
In Kyebando, but I also have a Facebook page called Moxy Collections where I post my latest collections and people can make orders there.

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