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Archilles juggles radio and acting

Archilles Lukyamuzi says being an entertainer has given him access to important people and places. Below: With his drama group. PHOTO BY Gertrude mutyaba

MASAKA: Achilles Lukyamuzi is a radio presenter who joined the film industry at a tender age. Today he is one of the popular entertainers in Masaka District. He shared his story with
Gertrude Mutyaba.

Briefly tell us about yourself
My name is Achilles Lukyamuzi, 39, residing in Kirumba, Masaka Municipality. I am a radio presenter as well as director of Extreme Film Productions in Masaka.

How do you manage having two jobs?
My radio programme is in the morning, so get time in the evening I to do my film rehearsals.

Isn’t it hectic juggling both?
No. It is a matter of programming myself and knowing how to balance it out. What drives me is the passion and courage.

When did you start your career in drama and what do you remember most about the practice?
My career started while I was in P.2 at Lyangoma Primary School in Lwengo District and what I remember most is that I was the only male pupil in the class.

How old were you?
I was only seven years.

Tell us about your beginnings.
It was solely my teachers who encouraged me to be part of the drama group during school festivals, which I did well.

Did you continue with drama at secondary school?
No. The school I joined never practiced Music, Dance and Drama. But I kept admiring it.

What are you most thankful for in this industry?
Drama has brought me into the limelight. Today, I am invited to different functions where I meet new people.

What kind of drama do you do?
I normally act in plays on domestic violence and HIV/Aids.

Where do you normally act from?
I mostly go to communities, schools and at public events when I am invited by NGOs like Uganda Cares.
How much are you paid?
I am paid a monthly wage ranging from Shs300,000 to Shs400,000 depending on the number of days I have worked with them.

Where do you sell your films and at how much?
I sell my products to libraries and schools. The price differs, depending on the type of film on market. But we usually sell them at between Shs1,500 and Shs2,000.

What challenges have you encountered in your acting career?
The usual challenges are about funds. It is easy playing in a drama but maintaining it is not that easy; most times the equipment we use is very expensive, which sometimes affects us.

What else do you do besides acting?
I am a radio presenter at Impact FM –Masaka.

Did you study journalism?
No. I am naturally a good speaker.

What kind of programme do you do on radio?
I host Uganda Eyogera and I normally host different politicians to discuss current affairs.

What have you gained from the film industry so far?
I have bought four acres of land in Masaka and I am planning to construct a house next year.

Apart from media, what else do you do?
I also do farming on a small scale and once in a while I grow ginger and matooke.

Do people appreciate your drama?
Yes. And because I am a leader, every day I see new ways to develop my drama group.
What are your future plans?
I plan to use my knowledge to motivate youth to join drama as a way of driving them out of poverty.


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