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Women deserve to be treasured and pampered everyday

March 8 every year is a day set aside to celebrate women all over the world.
It is a good gesture that not only grants everyone a public holiday but also gets the women recognised in different aspects. And now we women get to celebrate all this for the entire month – cute, huh?
But of course this comes with all the exagerations in all angles. I hear men taking to the kitchen to prepare hardcore meals for their spouses as a treat, among so many other things. Oba why does cooking come in as the most obvious treat on such days?
It is like this is the best way women can be pampered, ahem! Anyway, a couple of other people get real innovative and grab ideas away from the obvious to celebrate this special day.
Now in this very mix, we have the women who choose to celebrate themselves. They will talk about how much of a “superwoman” they are and why they deserve to be treated in a special way on such a day. Wabula some people have too much time to waste on their hands. I do not know if it is a case of being vain or just lacking what to do or trying so hard to embrace a territory they feel entitled to. Whatever it is, that is their business.
If you asked me though, I believe that women deserve to be celebrated everyday. They deserve to be elevated, treasured and pampered like it is the order of the day. I doubt anyone has as much energy to multi-task through different roles on a daily yet remain sane like a woman. And although it is said that it is in a woman’s DNA, it is not something that can be ignored as an amazing quality.
This and so much more make these beautiful beings all over the world deserving of more than a day to celebrate them.
But hey, like they say, half a loaf is better than none, one special day set aside is good enough I guess.
The rest is entirely up to those who attach value to the special women in their life and how they choose to celebrate them. Whether it is on a daily or once every year.

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