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The video: Amanya Gange – Latinum

This club banger is shot at a begrimed warehouse location. Though it is clear from the onset that it is one shot on budget, it tries to do with the meagre resources. Latinum K and team make their entry in army men’s apparels, only difference is that theirs are a little swagged up. It is this grand entry that makes a rallying call for the story in the audio.
The video really keeps it simple but cool fresh. This is such a rare feat, from the briefcase of dollar notes to the microphone hanging by the string and a rhyme to a keyboard on a wooden table. I am left wondering about the significance of the clock showing 3:17pm in the movie. What’s the hidden message to be deciphered? At the ring of fire, Latinum makes his name known. If simplicity is the measure of art, the video is an art piece.

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