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The track: Superstar- Chameleone

Before we go any further, do you know that Chameleone is no longer a singing Doctor? He is just a singer. Chameleone changed his Facebook name, removing the Dr which has been there for a very long time. Many said it was a stunt because he no longer has music to offer. If you think he has nothing to offer, then listen to his song Superstar. We are not sure if he did the song for his wife Daniella Atim but in the song, Chameleone praises a womanm saying she is very special for choosing to love and hug him. In the chorus, he sings of how the woman is his number one, his mummy Yo, a super star and all those compliments women want to hear. In one of the verses, Chameleone says that even when he was still struggling, she was there until he became successful in life. It is an Afrobeat song that will get you dancing from the start to the end. It was produced by Diggy Baur. — Lawrence Ogwal

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