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The track: Specioza- Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine has been silent to an extent that many said he was slowly caring less about doing music and focusing on business. Last week he released a song titled Specioza. The song is not Bobi Wine’s kind of song, although it kind of reminded us about Carolyna because they almost carry the same message. Bobi Wine blames the producer of the song, Dan Magic, for giving him a beat which he didn’t want but since it was available, let him sing on the beat, although it will sound like a song from back then. In the song, Bobi Wine sings about a girl called Specioza Nantaba from Kamwokya, who he was so in love with but she ditched him. He however has no regrets because if they hadn’t broken up, he wouldn’t have met a good woman. In the next verse, Bobi says he met Specioza having turned into a drug addict. The song is based on a true story and the girl Bobi sings about was his first love and it was after being ditched that he met his wife Barbie.

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