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Young Mulo throws jibes at Bebe Cool, gets insulted for it

If there is one artiste no one would want to get in trouble with, it’s Bebe Cool and this is because of his temper and huge following in Gagamel Phamily who will not let anyone who makes statements against their boss get away.

But one person who has been caught in the middle of this is Young Mulo. Perhaps he knew what he was getting himself into when he decided to ask on his Facebook wall “How was HiPipo bebe cool awards?”

Bebe Cool performing during Hipipo Awards. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa

His question was based on the fact that Bebe Cool has always been the big winner at the prestigious awards since their introduction and he was also the biggest nominee with 10 categories he was contending in.

Young Mulo was insulted and one question that most people were asking is whether he also remembers the last time he was nominated. He was asked why he was instead criticising people who have been consistent for a long time in the music industry.

The awards that happened last Saturday evening at Kampala Serena Hotel saw Bebe Cool walking away with four accolades among which was the icon of the decade.

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