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Ugandan deejays are corrupt-Tool man

Before he left the country to do ‘kyeyo’ Tool man was receiving less airplay probably because his ounce fans were no longer feeling him therefore not requesting for his songs or maybe because he wasn’t giving a “service fee”. Well, that is one thing that he can only confirm but the musician on Thursday didn’t have any kind words to the deejays who he says are corrupt.

Deejays play one of the hugest roles in artiste’s careers and if he was still in the country, he would be taking back the words he said by the now.

Tool Man real names Kibalama Richard noted that he comes from a country where deejays ask for a service fee without even listening to the song.

“I come from a Land where a couple of Djs when they receive a song from an Artist, before they even listen to it first, they ask for what i may term as Service fee with no receipt to play a song or rather play Jay* z whom they will never meet in life” he said.

Adding that during his London tour, he met a couple of deejays who play Ugandan music on merit, pointing out a one Dj Shorz David Steel who he says gets Ugandan music, distributes it among his deejay circles and within a short time the songs are top bangers in the UK and beyond without asking for anything.


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