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Toka Kwabarabara singer’s studio burnt down


Some are saying it’s a stunt while others are sympathising with him. Either way, Adam Mulwana, the artiste famed for “Toka Kwabarabara”, a song that praised FDC former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye during last year’s presidential elections has had a rough few days.

Mulwana had a studio in Makindye but the news we received earlier today was that the studio was burnt down by unknown people a few days ago.

It is said that by the time of the incident, Mulwana was recording an album that he was set to release soon. According to the singer, most of the songs on this upcoming album were pro-opposition songs, just like his hit song.

Adam Mulwana made a name for himself after coming up with a song that you could say was one of the best and well received during the campaigns but his presence on the entertainment scene vanished soon as the campaigns came to an end.

Investigations are still ongoing about the inferno but this takes the artiste back to zero as all his work was burnt down.

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