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Thugs rob Fille as Kats looks on

We had promised ourselves not to involve Kats and Fille in the same story because of the numerous times they have taken us for a ride with their publicity stunts, but what happened last weekend is not news we shall deny you.
A few months ago, it was reported that Fille beat up Kats so bad that he sustained scratches and a swollen lip which put their relationship in jeopardy, but as usual, it was just a stunt. After announcing their break up and that they were cutting ties, it was not long before Kats and Fille were sighted together, with emcee doing both his jobs of promoting her and playing husband. So we are also not certain whether the recent incident was a payback move. I mean, how else would you explain Kats ignoring and just looking on as thugs attacked Fille and took off with her purse.
It is said the couple was coming from Acacia Mall when two boda boda riders grabbed Fille’s bag. She lost money, a phone and other things women carry in their bags.

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