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Qute Kaye, Papa Cidy turn to God

Whatever is happening to the music industry lately is something that even we, can’t explain because as some artistes are snubbing awards, others are turning to the almighty by becoming saved.

Much as his music career was short lived, the name Qute Kaye still rings a bell in many people’s heads because of the track ‘Ginkese’.

Well, the artiste a few days ago appeared on one of the local TV channels being prayed for after admitting that he has turned his life to God.

Kaye was prayed for by Pr. Robert Kayanja at Rubaga Miracle Center in the on-going 77DOGs daily night prayers and the musician shed buckets of tears throughout the prayer.

He was also given the opportunity to lead the congregation in a Blessed Assurance song during last Friday’s night prayers that were even graced by H.E President YK Museveni and his wife Janet.

As we were still exhausting the decision made by Qute Kaye, another musician known as Papa Cidy also appeared at the same church with the same reason (giving his life to Christ). Just like Kaye, Papa Cidy who is a former member of Chameleon’s ‘Leone Island’ and behind songs like ‘Meeme Katale’, ‘Nkwata’, ‘Tolina Kisa’, ‘Joselina’ and ‘Yoono’ among others. He was prayed for before giving his testimony.

Both artistes join Captain Dollar of the ‘Emese’ fame and Lady Titie who got saved a few weeks ago.

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