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Never compare me to David Lutalo – Bebe Cool

The last two weeks seem to have been really tough for Bebe Cool and last Saturday, he had the opportunity to vent it all out on KFM’s Dance Party show.
When Abdu Wasike, the show host, mentioned about people thinking he did not deserve the HiPipo male artiste of the year award and that it should have gone to David Lutalo, hell broke loose.
Like a man on an emotional release mission, Bebe Cool said people should have a limit on who they compare him with. “Never again compare me to any Ugandan artiste. Being a brand comes with a lot of things. It starts with the looks, the hygiene and experience,” he said. “David Lutalo is a good artiste but he can never come any close to me. He is short, dark and not as good looking.”
The Sente singer went on to give an example of how a beautiful female musician can get more airplay even if she is not talented, a thing an ugly musician who sings like an angel may fail to get. Eh! We hope this won’t get Lutalo hunting for plastic surgery contacts.

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