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Meddie Nsereko to be discharged earlier than expected


Last week on Thursday, rumour went around that Central Broadcasting Service (CBS) presenter, Meddie Nsereko, had passed on after he was involved in a nasty accident as he was leaving work.

But his wife, Sarah Nsereko confirmed that her husband was still alive. “He was unconscious shortly after the accident but is now normalising,” Sarah Nsereko said.

Ms Nsereko was not making things up; we can confirm that the Emanduso” talk show host was admitted at Kakungulu Ward, room number 4, Kibuli Hospital and that he will be discharged earlier than expected. Well, according to the doctors.

According to eye witnesses, it is said that Nsereko ran into a boda cyclist. In the process of trying to avoid him, he hit a tree and lost consciousness. He was then pulled out of the car by people around the place who rushed him to hospital for emergency treatment.


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