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Judith Heard bounced at Pemba’s party

She might have looked stunning, but the night of Jack Pemba’s birthday bash did not start so well for Judith Heard. What possible reason could there have been for the once prominent socialite to be denied entry to a party filled with socialites? Could it be that Queenbee JH is no longer that important a socialite?
The socialite, who spent countless hours dolling herself up to celebrate her friend, Jack Pemba’s 44th birthday, was questioned when she arrived. Apparently when she got to Speke Resort Munyonyo, Judith Heard presented her invitation card at the entrance but “it looked fake”. Judith, who was wearing a dope smile, had her jaws drop. She tried to explain that she got the invite from a reliable person but the bouncers were unmoved.
It took close to 15 minutes of explaining who she was and who she knows for Judith Heard to finally get in to the party. Sigh! Imagine having all that slay ruined.

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