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Argatha Loswash pays the price of drink-driving

It is on record that journalists love their bottle. So it is no surprise that NBS Pundonor magazine show host Agatha Kyazze aka Argatha Loswash was at the weekend arrested by police on Kampala Road for drink-driving.
Argatha, who was driving a black Toyota Spacio fell victim of a breathalyzer test and when the head of the kawunyemu operation that night ordered her arrest, the TV presenter cried like a baby and told the officers to forgive her because it was the first time she was drink-driving. Sad the officers could not take any of her pleas.
Only thing she survived was spending the night in the coolers. According to sources at the scene, the TV host begged to leave the car with the officers, saying she was ready to pay whatever fine the following day.
The frustrated yet lucky Argatha apparently went back to the newsroom late in the night, sat on her desk and cried for almost an hour without speaking to anyone. She then asked her colleagues to get her an Uber to take her home. That’s the first thing you should have done when you left the bar, girl!

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