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Daisy Barungi: Venturing in lingerie business

Lingerie love: Her terrible experience shopping for undergarments was the inspiration she needed to start up a lingerie shop. She shares the story of her journey.

What kind of service do you provide?

We provide a lingerie purchase experience.  The service includes taking professional measurements, sizing and fitting.  We take pride in helping our customers find the most “occasion-appropriate” and comfortable lingerie.

When did you decide to venture into this line of business?

We decided in 2012. We started off by selling the products from the boot of the car.  A year ago, 2016 we decided that it was time to take the business to the next level and make the products widely available to the market .

What inspired your business?

My personal experience with lingerie shopping, specifically bras, has been challenging in Kampala. Most lingerie retailers’ have limited variety, quality and the shop attendants were not trained to help measure and advice clients. Fortunately, a few retailers have identified the service gap and tried to solve the variety challenge. However, they haven’t effectively dealt the size issue, especially for fuller women.  The locally available lingerie for the fuller woman was mostly of a dull color and design, if any, and since I am a full figured woman, I wanted to cater for my sisters with similar size challenges.

Having a full bust, that is a cup size starting from D onwards means that you need to wear a bra every single day of your life and therefore the bra must be able to provide form, function and support.  Most women blessed with a full bust are wearing the wrong size bra that result in embarrassing bulges and discomfort.  Most retailers offer a bigger band instead of a fitting cup.   We call it ‘the bra malfunction’.  At Reggie Vee, we take the time to understand your personal preferences and guide you in finding the optimal fit, complementary style and lasting quality. We have expert service and a chic store.  You are welcome.

Where did you learn this skill from?

I think I can confidently say that as a woman I was born with the skills.   However, I have perfected my skill over the years.  Earlier on in my life I discovered that your undergarments have a big part to play in the way you feel and what you give off.  If you wear something sexy underneath you will exude sexy.  If comfort is your preference, you will carry yourself confidently without having to tag at your bra straps.  That said, undergarments are exactly that, to be warn beneath the clothes.  There is no need for undergarments to be exposed.  Undergarments are private to the one wearing them…..okay and maybe to the one who takes them off…..wink-wink.

What is good lingerie?

Like I mentioned above, any piece of lingerie should be able to provide form, function and support depending on the occasion.  Is it a strapless bra, a maternity bra, a sports bra, a T-shirt bra, a seamless panty, a thong, a classic brief, a French cut panty, a hipster panty, control brief, a camisole, an inner slip.  I believe evry lady should have at least one of each that fits perfectly and complements the occasion.

What challenges do you face in this field?

It’s been a bit hard to get our male customers to walk into our store and purchase an item.  Men are rather shy about dealing with lingerie shopping in broad day light …….which is contrary to how gregarious they can be in the night time, but it’s all good…..we gotcha.  We can provide professional advice when you walk in and you can be sure to exit with the best investment or you can buy a gift voucher and let your lady come select for herself.  Although, it is important to note that a lady will always be flattered when her man buys her lingerie.

What are the prices?

One of our objectives at Reggie Vee is to provide a great product, and quality service at an affordable price.  Our prices range from USh15,000 to 150,000 depending on the item.

Is it a business  that you can depend on?

Yes.  I think enjoying what you do is a prerequisite for success in a business.  At Reggie Vee, one single important thing is to make our customers happy.   A happy customer is guaranteed to maintain any business.

We also provide a venue for bridal showers.  We offer a’ turnkey’ bridal shower service.  All the bride needs to do is turn up with her mates.

What high level customers have you worked on?

Lingerie is a very intimate and personal item.  It is customized to the purchaser and what works for one might not work for another.  So to answer your question, at Reggie Vee, every customer is as high level as the next.

How can someone reach you?

Reggie Vee Lingerie and Jewelry is located at First Floor, Naigaga Complex Bugolobi, next to Bamboo nest.  You can also reach us on 0779661008 /0772632728.  You can also follow us on Instagram – ReggieVee1 and Facebook – Reggie Vee.


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