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Hustler: Tonny Katuramu aka Stereo Ness

Dressing ‘em: Stereo has always been hanging out with celebrities including Rabadaba, Radio, Weasel and Chameleone. Besides turning tables for them once in a while, he also dresses them. Could this be what prompted him to start up his own boutique?

Where did you pick the interest to start up a boutique?
I have always loved fashion and that passion saw me dressing so many people.

Why a boutique of all businesses?
Because I love fashion and I saw it going in the wrong direction, so I decided to make a boutique to bring fashion back to its right path.

And how are you going to do this?
By designing every person who entrusts me and having the best customer care. Just come to my boutique and you will witness.

What is the name of your boutique?
Stereo Fashion Box.

And where is this boutique located?
It is located in Kansanga near Kobil at Rubine Box shop 102.

There are so many boutiques along Kansanga. Does it make any business sense for you to also put yours in the same location?
Yes it makes business sense for me because there is no time limit so whatever time my client needs anything, they can get it and besides, I have quality stuff which I think can lure people to my shop. On top of that, Stereo Fashion Box is an outstanding brand.

How much did you invest in this business?
That is a very difficult question because I am still investing in the business. When you get involved in this kind of job, you have to keep buying new stuff every day to replace those that you have sold off.

What items do you sell exactly?
I sell men and women’s outfits, plus shoes, watches, jewellery, belts, perfumes and many more.

Where do you buy these items from?
Having been on the social scene for a long time, I know many people in and out of the country. I get items from all over but most especially in Uganda.

How much do you sell your items?
It depends on the item the client wants. Each item costs differently.

Usually, people who start such businesses are either fashion enthusiasts or have been in fashion for a long time. What is your experience?
I have been in fashion for about five years.


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