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Hustler: Michael Kolulye

Michael Kolulye

STARTING SMALL: Losing a job is something that will frustrate many people, but for Michael Kolulye, it was only a wake up call to make use of his talent.
What is the name of your company?
KOFA Business Solutions Limited.

What do you do?
I do computer-aided graphics, branding, printing and supply of general stationery.

How did you start?
I used to get screen printing deals from people, schools, and some NGOs and I used to work from home, but I later realised that I could expand to a larger business.

What inspired you?
I had a teaching job which I got immediately after campus but the school got some financial constraints and they had to lay off some staff. When I lost my job, I got inspired to use my talent to start up my own business. I loved art since childhood so I ventured into it.

Where did you get the funds to start up your business?
I had no funds. My clients used to buy their own materials or they would give me money to buy and I would do the graphics from a friend’s place. The money I raised is what I used to acquire machines and rent a place.

What packages do you provide to your clients?
I do graphics, printing, branding, cars and T-shirts. I also design personalised gifts, and draft banners, fliers, pull-ups and posters.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start up the same business?
Start small as they study the business and get connections. Let not anyone tell you how much to expect otherwise you will fall out.

How much do you earn per month?
In a good season, I earn between Shs3m to Shs4m. And in a bad season I earn about Shs1m.

What challenges have you faced so far?
Clients who don’t pay, power blackouts and companies that demand a lot of paperwork before they give you a deal.

Any achievements so far?
I have met many people from different walks of life; my business also helps me sustain myself and my family.

How different is your work from your competitors?
As an artist, I put in a lot of creativity in my work. I also do my sketches with the client before proceeding to the task which makes them select a design of their taste.

Where is your business located?
Muzza Printing Industrial Building, First floor, Room F06, Kampala.

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