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FASHION TIP:  Keyhole cutout

When you work hard to look good, you have every right to show off your toned body and what better way than with this trend. Show off just a little bit of boob or skin with the keyhole cutout.

Is it just me, or do you all notice how all the current trends come with a little (sometimes a lot) of skin bearing? Well, if you have worked so hard to keep your body in check, you do deserve to show it off, I guess. And that is where today’s trend comes in.
This trend dominated at the just-concluded Grammys. Many stars, from Faith Hill to Jenifer Lopez were raining down the red carpet in the cleavage-bearing trend (the keyhole cutout). However, since your life isn’t as glam as JLo’s, this is how you can fit this look into your own lifestyle.

For starters, you will need to lose the bra. There is nothing as upsetting as watching a woman step out with her underwear on show. So with this trend, breast pads will come in hand. You also need to decide how you want to pull off this look. The best choice would be a dress. For a more stunning look, keep the rest of your look covered up, and let the keyhole cutout speak. It would be wise to keep the outfit as fitting as possible. This will keep you protected from any wardrobe malfunctions. You can also wear this trend on other pieces such as crop tops, jumpsuits and halter neck tops.

Wondering what the no-no with this look could be: do not attempt to wear this to work. Well, that is unless you are Beyoncé. Or your work place is at a posh hotel in Vegas.

How to wear
• This outfit can go well with boots, sneakers or even sandals so do not be stuck on what shoes to rock.

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