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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Acute Angle

The acute angle: These pastors really need to stop!

Very soon, the church will be some happy-go mental institution led by a bunch of even more mentally-deluded individuals who like to pose as pastors, prophets, evangelists, name it. We have always seen the things that happen in the church and choose to remain silent. The so called ‘holy men of God’ are always plunged in scandal and live lives far from what they preach about. They have almost become untouchable and unreachable. They move with bodyguards everywhere they go, drive posh cars and live in mansions yet their flock continues to swim in poverty. And while it’s not criminal to live a lavish lifestyle you can afford, it is the way these guys garner their wealth that makes everything disturbing. They fleece their church to the point that many people have sold all they have for miracles. These so called pastors buy into the suffering of their people and cash in. They like to use words like “Ministry” to make them feel safe and assured that their money is being put to good use. Everything is about building God’s ministry. Eh Ugandans can really contribute generously. As their life’s savings go into growing ministry, their pastors start becoming a mystery. Chewing life abroad with random chicks – just saying! Despicable human beings! Church business is huge. Pastors have become millionaires overnight. It’s insane.
Just as we had gotten used to all these antics by these ‘holy’ people, Prophet Samuel Kakande introduces the ‘holy rice’ to be sold at Shs50,000 per kilo. The rice I have been eating of late has been so bad that the news of this holy rice sounded like a good remedy, but nah.Kakande’s rice is meant to bring all these miracles into your life. At this point, I cannot even say these pastors, prophets or whatever they are called are taking us for granted. They are simply nuts. You’ve got to be crazy to convince people to buy some kind of rice for miracles. You wonder when this madness will stop. What else will be put on sale? Cassava? It’s strange how I grew up knowing that miracles had a unique way of manifesting themselves naturally in your life. Kakande’s miracles are now handed to you with a receipt. Really? It’s quite unfortunate that people will buy into this thuggery. This will justify the fact that the flock is even more crazy. These pastors are lying to the people and we are simply watching on.
These pastors are on rampage. We understand that the economy is tight and dimes are scarce but please do not buy into these lies. I can assure you that you are guaranteed more miracles with our Pakistani rice than this so called “holy rice”.

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