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The acute angle > The Valentine’s Day aftermath

When this entire Valentine’s hype is all set and done, many people will return to their old boring love lives. The beautiful roses and orchids will wither, just like the anxiety that the so called ‘big day’ came with. For many, Valentine’s Day is a temporary love stimulant. You know, to give every lazy lover a fresh start. To remind them briefly what their significant means to them. We all know the gifts, roses and have never been your thing and mean nothing to you. The hype of Valentine’s is real. Guys are on pressure to deliver or suffer being called weak or passive lovers. And for the ladies, this is where they expect their knights to rise to their occasion. Nara paps! Your jama simply heard very many Valentine’s ads on radio and felt pressured. The bearing of gifts and roses are more obligatory than something done out of love. If some of you did this out of genuine love, major props to you.
February is love season with Valentine’s Day being the stand-out day of the month. People work too hard on Valentine’s Day and forget about other days. Once she washes that make-up off her face and changes from that beautiful dress she wore out to dinner, madame will go back to her miserable self. You know how they are. She will rock her tired night gown, her trademark sorry hairnet and give her chap the attitude for yet another year until the next Valentine’s Day. And just like that, the mushy Valentine’s Day posts she shared on social media about her boo will make no sense. This Valentine’s Day stuff is pure hype kabisa.The guy will return to his old ways of cheating, his beloved beer bottle and pretend like nothing ever happened. But why are people like this? Waiting on specific days to step up. People simply don’t care. Everyone seems to be hiding something or pushing their own agendas.
I don’t understand the whole hustle of trying to look like the most romantic man and then undo all the good work by slipping into your old uncaring self. Guys even take loans to put up a show. What are you scared of? Them leaving you? You are only buying yourself time. It will eventually happen. Anyway, I don’t believe in this Valentine’s Day. Special shout outs to everyone holding down their partners every single day and not waiting for this one hyped day. Cheers!

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