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The video: Smile – Rhoda K

Rhoda K has established herself as a formidable force to watch in the music industry for 2017. This video is titled Smile. It starts with spray-painting of a graffiti background that ends up featuring as the video’s background. The Ziggy hairstyle of Rhoda K is what actually conveys the real message of the song. She simply looks like one of those pretty smileys. By no chance is this video extraordinary, in fact it is as basic as they can get. For it fails the litmus test of a music video — the ability for a video to sustain its charm even when viewed on mute. It progresses with intonations of a few roguishly choreographed dances, whirling itself around to no destination in particular. In the end, it brings in those vintage beetle cars but even these do little to salvage the video out of a mediocrity pit. Perhaps Rhoda K needs to aim higher.

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