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The video: A Million Girls – Ceaserous

Why has this video been hyped? Why is it cited whenever a conversation around awesome music videos comes around? Like what’s special about it? Of course I kept wondering, and decided to subject minutes to watching and re-watching it. It turns out that it is business as usual, nothing extraordinary. The video starts off with aerial shots of the whirl-around roads in the States, and then takes us into one of those skyscraper offices. Apart from the lady in that Carnaval de Barranquilla, with her costume being blown by the wind, nothing will really excite you, unless your yardstick from great dips so low. It is not to say that the video is mediocre. It actually checks all the boxes for an awesome video. But it’s not something worth day-dreaming about. It simply does what is expected of a music video, whether in dance choreography or plot flow.

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