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The track : Nsuubira – Solome

Nsuubira is a Luganda word loosely translated as “I hope” in English. It is Solome Basuuta’s new release. According to Solome, the idea of Nsuubira came from the many stories about marriages and among these were also Christian marriages that involved lots of fights. Even when the song owns a luganda title, the song is in English and it is only in the chorus that she sings a bit of Luganda. Solome, in a slow and low tone with the sound of guitar in the background starts off with asking her partner how the relationship reached a point and place where they keep testing each other in a way that hurts so deeply. She asked him to remember the good times because she hopes they are meant for each other and nothing will ever separate them. For the lovers of slow music, the song produced by Fred Wallace in First Love Studio will inspire you and give you hope to smile again if you have been going through a lot in your relationship.

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