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The track: Cheza Mama – Kent and Flosso

When you listen to Cheza Mama for the first time, you won’t realise it is Kent and Flosso of the Pull Up hit song. The song starts off with their usual beats but as it goes on, it becomes more of an electric music beat. The strong beats overtake their voices as they sing in Kiswahili and a little bit of English although the song is mostly in Kishwahili, hence the title Cheza Mama loosely translated as Dance Mama. The two call on a girl to join them on the dance floor. As they dance, they realise she is actually a good dancer. Besides dancing together, Kent asks the girl to come over to his place because he is not a womaniser and he has put other girls on hold because she is the sweetest. Cheza Mama is the song that will get you dancing any time but if you are the kind who likes to master lyrics, this will be a hard paper.

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