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The dvd : I am Wrath

This is a vengeful tale about Stanley (John Travolta) whose wife Vivian (Rebecca De Mornay) is killed in what seemed like a case of petty theft gone wrong at the airport basement parking. Initially, he lets the law deal with the murderers. But when the guy who stabbed and killed his wife is set free even after he has identified him, he decides to take the law into his hands.
To go back to a life that he has put behind him, Stanley has no choice but to contact his longtime friend and partner in crime, Dennis (Christopher Meloni). When he tells him his mission, Dennis decides to be part of the plot to revenge, especially when they learn Vivian’s murder was planned and involves police and even the governor for his political benefits.
Together, the two create havoc among drug gangs that have previously operated like what they are doing is legal, having blackmailed the Governor to give them police protection.
Younger with more networks and ammunition, the gang makes Stanley and Dennis look like no match for them. But each time they get into a confrontation, the two old men win.
But given that the gang has protection from the top, it is hard to tell if and when luck for the two men with run out. While that is being determined, what you end up with is a pretty intriguing movie with a good dose of humour. Dennis is such a wingman, he is likable. This is actually a 2016 movie, it should have shown in the cinemas.

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