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Young Mulo starts a recording studio


Could this be a scapegoat for his fading music career? Could he have found love in recording other artistes’ music than his own? Was it because he wants to save the money he would have used in other studios? Or this was because of January which is not only dry literally but in our pockets as well. Well, Young Mulo is in a better position to explain why he has decided to start up a recording studio.
“Yes. I started a studio and it has been operating for about a week now,” the singer said before adding that he had this dream three years ago and that he has been buying studio equipment slowly by slowly.
The musician, named his new venture Sous studio under the BMG (Bad Man Gadget) Music and before offering services to other clients, Mulo sampled his product by producing a yet-to-be released track known as ‘Boom Pan It’.
The studio is located in Namasuba Kikajjo. He, however, remained tight-lipped on how much he will charge for studio time or how much he invested, but what we know is that Hannz and another producer known as Croons, will be the brains behind the machines. Hannz is the guy behind most of Young Mulo’s songs such as Gyal formula, Me Nah Know and Love Me, among others,

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