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Salvado fails to speak own language


It was so embarrassing to see comedian Patrick Salvado fidget to speak Lugbara while at home in Arua last weekend. And clearly did not go well with revellers at the Club Megafest event where he was the host. You would imagine that besides being a crowd-charmer, Salvado was chosen for the role because of his ability to relate to the crowd. So it is not surprising that revellers were irked that someone who was born and raised in Arua and attended school in Arua failed to express himself in the language.
The comedian, who was expected to blend the show in English and Lugbara, only threw in a word or two. Backstage, he couldn’t even tell the meaning of Onduparaka (probably the most popular word in Lugbara right now).
That aside, Salvado earned his money as he left many in stitches, joking about the people of Arua and the old boys of his former schools. In the guy’s defence, haven’t we seen people go to China and return with American accents? Just chill guys!

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