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My daughter got first grade- Desire Luzinda


Photo by Eddie Chicco

The ‘Kitone’ hit maker Desire Luzinda has congratulated her daughter Mitchell Kaddu for passing the recently released Primary Leaving Examinations.

Luzinda expressed her gratitude to Mitchell saying that she is so proud of her and said that she passed in first grade.

The singer lashed out to media critics whom she accused of spreading false propaganda that her daughter had failed the exams, a reason why the singer hadn’t come out to say anything just like how other celebrities had done.

She took to her official Face book page and posted a long post where she disclosed her daughter’s aggregates.

Photo by Eddie Chicco

“I know being a celebrity comes with so many negative and positive challenges but I pity journalists whose intention is to always belittle young kids, attaching your whatsoever beef to the parents. Just because I didn’t rush to social media to flaunt it doesn’t mean she failed. My daughter passed with 11 (may not have been the best in the country) but she passed with a 1st grade and I’m extremely proud of her.
I hope whoever wrote this becomes a parent some day and see the pain one feels when shade is thrown to your own child especially when it is malicious,” read her post.

Her post attracted a lot of reactions from here fans as the majority accused whoever wrote the article as being malicious.

“Why can’t people mind their own business for once? They did not pay the fees but want to know the results. Was the author of that article the best in their academic year, why do people try so hard to spread hatred?” Posted Margaret Norah Mugaba.

However, other people blamed the singer for over exposing her daughter to the media, saying that she is partly to blame for whatever comments her daughter receives.

“Desire I’m your number one fun for life but you are the root cause of that problem. How can you expose your little angel to the media like that? I’m not happy anymore; avoid exposing your child to the media, Otherwise congratulations to your sweet daughter upon passing well,” Posted Mukwaya Owekika.

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