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Is Hellen Lukoma now a video vixen?

Former Obsessions and HB Toxic singer Hellen Lukoma is one who could be regretting having joined the music industry. When you look back at the music hopeful that she used to be and what she is now, you only wonder where she falls. Let’s see the songs she has…. Uuuuuhm, Ooh, she partnered with BFF Leila Kayondo on a song called Binyuma and another one called Ndagamuntu. Where do those songs play?
Moving forward, we are starting to think Lukoma is finding ways to remain relevant in music and we might be seeing her turn into a video vixen. Early this week, DJ Roja and Slick Stuart released a song titled Eva featuring Ykee Benda and during the premiere at Laftaz Comedy Lounge on Tuesday night, many people were surprised to see Hellen Lukoma featuring.
When we talked to the KFM DJs, they disclosed that the reason they used Lukoma is because she is a friend and at the same time very beautiful.
We hope the promising success of the song won’t divert Lukoma from her music dream.

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