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Did alcohol, shisha cost Ntale place at Swangz?

It is no longer news that Irene Ntale quit Swangz Avenue. And although ‘mutual consent’ was what we were fed, some people have been quick to point at financial dis content and jealous between the songbird and Winnie Nwagi who is apparently being given priority.
Well, reliable sources have told us that Irene Ntale has not been on good terms with her former management because of her behaviour. The singer has apparently, on several occasions, been cautioned about her drinking and extreme night life.
“Irene’s behaviour had gotten her bosses worried. She was going out very often, drinking silly and smoking shisha Monday to Sunday, which was reflecting badly on the company’s image. For the Swangz bosses, this was too much because she was no longer respecting studio time,” said our source.
The source added that Irene did not heed the caution from her bosses and that was when they were forced to swing into action. “They held onto her music until she changed and indeed they did not release any of her songs since November. Irene was however unmoved.”
It was then that Swangz Avenue decided to groom a new female singer. And what better way to hit at Irene, than picking her personal manager Veronica Luggya aka Vinka, who had after all expressed interest in music? This did not go down well with Irene and on Monday in a closed meeting, she told her bosses that she would rather try this on her own. The news should have been broken in a press conference, but the Sembera singer chose to save our time. Whatever, the story, we wish you all the best in your solo journey Irene Ntale.

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