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Namakali: Mbale’s youngest guitar player

From a young age, Paul Namakali always loved music and his passion saw him start doing music at only nine years old. He was in Primary Five at Nabuyonga Primary School, where he joined a small brass band. It was here that Namakali got the chance to learn how to play the trumpet and read music notes.
He was so good that he was selected the best player one time. With time, he left the school band to join a more professional brass band.
In January 2015, he joined the Band Guitar venture and he started learning the guitar at Musaale Church.
Today, the talkative Namakali is one of the best acoustic and bass guitarists in Mbale.
“My passion for the guitar is what has got me this far. I thank God for the talent and bringing good people in my life to teach me these instruments,” he says
The 18-year-old is a Senior Five student at Progressive Secondary School doing Mathematics, Economics and Geography. It is hard to imagine how he balances school and music, but Namakali says it is as easy as balancing his time.
Five years from now, the Mbale guitarist says he sees himself as the world’s greatest guitarist.
He advises all young people to always find a way to develop their talents because it could take them far. He however cautions about sticking to education so as to be world changers.

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